Tips For Forming Your Beach Body

The summer season is only a few months away, and we all know what that means – it’s time to work on our beach bodies! Whether you’re a year-round exercise fanatic or someone who only works out occasionally, the spring is usually a time to focus a bit more on exercise in an attempt to burn fat, shape up, and be ready for a bathing suit shopping trip to Marks and Spencer. However, as you set about preparing your summer beach body, it’s still important to do so in a strategic and healthy manner. Many people adopt “lose weight fast” techniques in an attempt to flatten their stomachs in just a few weeks’ time. Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy. But with a smart workout routine, you can certainly make significant improvement between now and beach season!

Keeping this in mind, it’s time to debunk a few common workout philosophies that people turn to for quick weight loss and toning. Here are a few words on some common myths and tips for a more efficient and effective workout.

Myth: You Should Eat Less

Cutting back on your food intake can certainly result in shedding a few quick pounds – but it is neither a healthy nor a sustainable strategy. Instead of eating less, focus on eating more intelligently. Focus on eating healthy foods, cutting out excessive sugar, carbs and fat, and managing portions in a healthy way. A healthy diet will not just keep you from gaining weight, but can also help you to lose it more quickly by maximizing your energy and metabolism.

Myth: You Should Just Run A Lot

Running is certainly an effective exercise for losing weight and toning your body – but done to excess, it can be somewhat counterproductive, particularly when you only have a few months to work with. Instead of focusing on distance running, do your cardio training in short, intense bursts, as this sort of exercise more effectively boosts your metabolism. Integrate this cardio routine with resistance training for a dynamic and effective program.

Myth: Crunches = 6 Packs

Crunches and other abdominal exercises are crucial for making your abs stand out if you are hoping to display a 6 pack. Furthermore, these exercises strengthen your core, which is a vital aspect of any healthy training program. However, if you are expecting to turn a flabby stomach into a 6 pack purely with crunches, you’re in for a disappointment. It is important to mix in abdominal exercises with fat loss and cardio training to more effectively flatten your stomach.

Myth: Resistance Training Bulks You Up

Okay, so this isn’t completely a myth. But resistance training’s primary use is that it boosts metabolism about as quickly as any exercise can. If you stick to a weight lifting routine over time, it will certainly add on muscle bulk at least to some extent. But the short-term benefit is that it prepares your body to burn calories more effectively in the time immediately following your workout.