Harrow Personal Trainer

Harrow Personal Trainer

Looking for a Harrow personal trainer?

This is actually where Scott is originally from 🙂

One of the most convenient personal training locations in Harrow of use could be one of the open spaces opposite Harrow on the Hill station on Lowlands Road.

Alternatively there are numerous parks around, West, South, Central and North Harrow that could easily be utilised as a personal training location.

West Harrow recreation ground is a personal favourite of mine for outdoor exercise. This is due to the large investment of play equipment that has been introduced to the children’s area of the park. Many clients enjoy early morning sessions there.

Of course your Personal Trainer can visit your home or work place to make personal training with us in Harrow extremely easy for you to organise.

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The map below shows a typical meeting point for us in Harrow:

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