Putney Personal Trainer

Putney Personal Trainer

Are you looking for a Putney personal trainer?

Look no further than Project Fitness Personal Training.

We have trained many clients in Putney and it’s one of our favourite locations due to the fact that both Leaders Gardens and Wandsworth Park offer lovely river views of the Thames which really create a great atmosphere to train in.

Down by the river in the early hours of the morning its easy to imagine that you arent in London at all, its so quiet and peace ful.

Not to say that the exercises we give you would be as tranquil as the setting, but at least you get to take it all in during your rest periods.

Putney is a mobile personal training Location for us, so our fitness trainers will arrive fully equipped and ready to give you a great workout.

Of course if you would prefer to train in the comfort of your own home or garden we can easily organise that for you.

Resident Putney Personal Trainer’s top Fitness Tip: If you fancy a nice relaxing fat burning walk in Putney why not tray the Putney sculpture trail. The trail is about one mile long and has some great pieces of art along the way, A great river walk!  If you want to up the tempo a bit why not jog the route and add some bodyweight exercises like squats, lunger, press ups and planks at each statue!

here is a link to the trail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putney_Sculpture_Trail

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