Clapham Personal Trainer

Clapham Personal Trainer

Are you in search of a personal trainer in Clapham?

Look no further we are proud to serve the Clapham Area.

The obvious choice for your personal training sessions in Clapham would of course be Clapham Common, Its vast open space provides no shortage of space for some serious fitness drills as well as enough distance from others to be able to train in complete privacy.

Of course our personal trainers can also visit your own home or work place to deliver the session. Alternatively if you would prefer to train in a gym environment we use a personal training studio 15 minutes down the road in Victoria.

The studio is fully equipped to the highest standard and you’ll also have the benefit or making use of the sauna and steam room after your tough (but fun) workouts.

Clapham Personal Trainer’s top fitness tip: if you get to the common early in the morning when its completely quiet the children’s play areas double up as a great place for some training. You can use swings for abs crunches and plometric training, monkey bars for pull ups and benches for a number of total body exercises – give me a shout if you would like some free tips on getting a great park workout!

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The map below shows a typical meeting point for us on Clapham Common:

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