Victoria Personal Trainer

Victoria Personal Trainer

Personal Training in Victoria

If you live or work in the Victoria area and are looking for the right trainer to begin personal training with, your search is over. Victoria is one of our most frequently requested personal training venues, not least because of the fantastic transport links and the fact our fabulous fully equipped fitness studio is less than 2 minutes walk from Victoria station.

Where will my personal training sessions take place in Victoria?

Most personal training sessions in Victoria will take place in our fully equipped personal training studio on Vauxhall Bridge Road. This is a lovely venue well equipped to fulfil the training routines of even the most creative personal trainers. The additional Benefit of conducting your personal training sessions in Victoria is that you’ll have free access to the steam room and Sauna so you can take some time to indulge and relax once your personal trainer has let you off the hook!

We take as much pride in the presentation of our fitness studio as we do in the deliver of our workouts, this is a great place to workout.

Victoria is a true transport hub in London boasting easy access to the tube, busses and overground trains meaning you should be able to attend your personal training sessions in Victoria with minimal hassle from almost anywhere in London.

The personal training studio location is shown on the map below:
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If you would prefer to have your personal trainer visit you either at your home or workplace in Victoria, please do not hesitate to request this and we’ll organise it for you with absolutely no trouble.

Resident Victoria Personal Trainer top Tip:

Top 3 Benefits to your new exercise regime:

Loss of body fat
Do you know that when you attempt to lose weight by dieting alone, you end up losing some fat, but also much lean muscle and water?  Also, calorie restriction causes your body to slow down your metabolism, so as soon as you increase calorie intake again, the fat comes back on faster than ever.  A strategy built around sound nutrition and exercise can help you maximize fat loss while maintaining or gaining valuable lean muscle.

Weight control
Unlike diets, a sound nutrition and exercise strategy can lead to a lifetime of stable weight, getting you off of the weight loss – weight gain roller coaster that comes with diets.  A fad diet may get you back into those 32″trousers or size 10 dress again for a month, but a well thought out fitness lifestyle can keep you in them forever.

Increased metabolism
Contrary to popular perception, a fast or slow metabolism is not a gift or curse you are given at birth.  It is easy to blame your metabolism for weight gain, but in reality, we are not the victims of our metabolism, rather we are the creators of our metabolism.  While calorie restricted diets literally destroy your metabolism, a properly designed exercise and nutrition plan can dramatically fire up your metabolism so you burn more calories all day, every day.

Top Healthy Location Picks: Victoria station boasts a number of healthy eating establishments, including Holland and Barratt (ideal for your pre and post workout snacks) as well as girraffe cafe directly opposite the personal training studio, ideal if you are looking for a full (healthy) meal once you’ve parted way with your personal trainer.

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