How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Can Exercise really improve your sex drive or even lead to better sex? Let’s take a look at this much talked about topic.

It’s commonly reported that after a few weeks of regular exercise that we feel a massive increase in our libido, we’re more sexually confident and we just feel sexier.

Could all of this be in our minds?

Apparently not, recent research does support the suggestion that regular exercise produces a marked increase in not just interest in sex but also performance.

Let’s take a Look at some universal benefits of exercise that will go a long way to making intimate relations that much more enjoyable, then we’ll go on to look at specific benefits to both men and women.

1. Exercise makes us feel sexy! Exercise enhances our body image, we feel better about the way we look with clothes on and especially with our clothes off. This added confidence is sexy to the opposite sex and when we are happy with the way we look we act in a much more positive self assured manner. In fact 80% of men and 60% of females who exercised two to three times weekly rated their own sexual desirability as above average. As the number of days of exercise per week increased, so did the ratings of sexual desirability.

2. Exercise improves sexual performance. Among people who exercised four to five days per week, 88% of the women and 69% of the men reported their own sexual performance as above average or much above average. Here are some contributory factors:

Cardiovascular Endurance: Prolonged activity of any kind will call upon your cardio vascular endurance, benefits are quite self explanatory in relation to the this article

Muscular Endurance: Sexual activity sometimes requires you to hold somewhat. …Irregular positions for prolonged periods, this is an area you won’t want to be found wanting. To develop your muscular endurance, embark on a beginner strength program (hyperlinked to a beginner strength program) or contact a personal trainer to arrange a regime for you.

Flexibility: Being supple and flexible will enhance anyone’s sex life, being able to change position with ease and grace is a must, to improve your flexibility be sure to stretch off after exercise and perhaps even introduce some basic yoga into your training regime. (hyperlinked to yoga program)

Reduction of stress: note that both sex and exercise can vastly reduce stress; stress in fact is a major libido killer!

3. Exercise means more sex – Its widely reported that those that exercise more frequently have more sex, this could be because they have younger looking, more athletic bodies and their enhanced self image gives them confidence making them more attractive. It could also be because those that exercise are more kinaesthetically orientated people and seek physical activity and sensations more regularly than others

4. Exercise will keep you having good sex later into your life – Sixty-year-olds who exercise frequently report having the same amount of sex and sexual pleasure as people decades younger. One study examined the sexual frequency and satisfaction ratings of swimmers aged 60 and found that they were the same as those 20 years younger. If you exercise a lot, your “sexual age” will be years younger than your chronological age.

Specific benefits for Men:

Several studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on the sex drive of men. Separate studies has have shown, for example, that men who participate in exercise one hour per day, three to five days a week achieved a significantly greater sex life. The frequency of sex, sexual function, and the percentage of satisfying orgasms all increased. Overall, the participants were happier with their sex lives. In general the studies have shown that the more regular the exercise regime, the higher the sex drive.

Specific benefits for Women:

Exercise has a positive effect on the sex drive of women as well. Studies have shown that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely. The studies have shown that the effect is both physiological as well as psychological. Moreover, there is an effect even after a single intense short-duration (20 minute) exercise

If greater health and fitness is not enough to motivate you to exercise regularly perhaps the promise of a dramatically improved sex life will be.