5 Tips for Keeping Healthy in Colder Weather

I know it’a only September, but doesn’t it feel like the weather changed overnight?

We’re still quite a long way away from those rugged winter months but I thought I might provide a few tips in advance for keeping fit and healthy in cold weather

Its a time of darker days, more hot (and generally calorific) food being served and less motivation to get out of the house and into exercise, it’s no surprise then that by the time spring comes around it’s not uncommon to have gained an extra 10lbs!

Let’s look at 5 top tips that are easy to implement that may stop that happening!

1. Resolve to not let the cold weather stop you getting out of the house; the calorie burn of day to day activities is important. Staying sedentary and in the house without drastically reducing your calories will lead to a large surplus and unfortunately this sets you up for weight gain!

2. Get some sunlight – With shorter darker days some people suffer from seasonal depression because their days are essentially dark throughout, even if you have to wrap up warm make sure you get some sunlight it could do wonders for your mood

3. For most its a safe bet that over the winter season you’ll eat more treats and goodies so raise your level of exercise now to counteract any negative effect of all that extra food

4. Wash your hands often— in cold weather there is often a lot of cold and flu doing the rounds, washing your hands more often could be the difference between getting sick and staying well this winter

5. DO NOT get caught up in the “I’ll do it as my resolution” hype, there is a long time to go between now and New Year’s eve resolve to make changes now!

I hope this helps guys, keep those workouts going after all its just weather, once your warm your warm!