Working With Owain Yeoman

Owain was able to lose bodyfat and gain muscle at the same time working with me

Owain Yeoman in great shape

During the summer of 2011 Scott had the opportunity and pleasure of working closely with Hollywood star Owain Yeoman from CBS’s The Mentalist.

Owain was initially attracted to Scott’s integrated approach to fitness, combining enjoyable fitness training with healthy eating to see results fast.

The fact that Scott does not advocate dieting was also appealing as Owain was not looking for a quick fix approach to fitness, but rather a tailored program that would suit his particular goals and schedule.

Scott was asked to accompany Owain to the 51st annual film and television awards ceremony in Monte Carlo. During this trip Scott handled Owain’s training regime and prepared healthy vegan meals that would not only supplement their training regime but also fuel Owain with plenty of energy for his extremely busy press schedule.

After the success of this trip Owain offered Scott the opportunity to work with him in Los Angeles. Owain’s packed schedule would mean that every workout needed to count in order to maximise the effects of the exercise. Owain is an extremely focused indivudual and was glad to indulge in the often gruelling workouts Scott provided.

Workouts would either take place in Owain’s Los Angeles home or a local Hollywood gym and would include a combination of kickboxing pad work, plyometic training, heavy resistance training and core strengthing exercises.

Over the course of their three months working together in Hollywood, Owain was able to gain lean muscle mass whilst losing bodyfat and incrasing high output fitness levels. Scott would also often provide home prepeared vegan meals for Owain created to compliment thier training sessions and facilitate recovery from intense exercise.

Through the success of their working relationship Owain was happy to reccommend Scott to his celebrity friends and contacts within the movie and music industries. In late 2011 Scott returned to London in order to launch a new personal training studio in Central London, Owain continues to work with Scott whenever he is in Europe.

Owain Yeoman had the following to say about working with Scott:

“i have worked with a number of personal trainers during my 8 years in Los Angeles and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than Scott. He combines a wealth of practical cardio, fight training and scientific knowledge to make him an unrivalled choice in the field of personal training, i have had the good fortune of training with him in London, Monte Carlo and Los Angeles and have travelled with Scott whilst working on location and his workouts are completely customized to meet the individuals needs whilst also being undertaken in a fun and stimulating way, we seldom do the same workout twice.

Scott’s Academic background has also meant that he has been able to offer tailor made nutritional and dietary advice and been on hand to help in the preparation of a diet that supports the work-outs he has created for me. Scott is an expert at high intensity and varied workouts combining strength training and dynamic cardio. I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out with Scott and have had no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues who have all had similar positive experiences and results. From personal experience I can vouch for how difficult it is to know whether you are undertaking a good personal trainer but it is with great ease that i recommend scott Laidler as a front runner in his field. He is a great guy, courteous, reliable and the best at what he does. If you want to achieve your personalized fitness goals, whatever they may be, I cannot recommend Scott highly enough”


OYeoman Owain Yeoman
Biggest workout with @Scott_Laidler that guy is a task master and one hell of a good trainer. Look out world he’s gonna be huge!!
OYeoman Owain Yeoman

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OYeoman Owain Yeoman
Training this afternoon with my trainer @Scott_Laidler He is officially the best trainer in the known world and the greatest guy.