The Benefits of Personal Training


Training with a personal trainer has many benefits

Personal training is the most comprehensive and tailored fitness service available, working one on one with your very own personal trainer is the best way for you to see the results you require and Fast! Below we’ll identify the benefits of personal training.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer in London: 

* Being accountable to someone else

* Never having to rely on guesswork with exercise ever again

* Having a professional tailor you’re shopping and eating habits to fit your goals

* Constant support, on hand any time

Great, but why train with you Scott?

Good question. First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Scott Laidler and I have been working as a professional personal trainer and fitness consultant for the past 5 years. I have successfully delivered results to so many clients now that i feel secure in actually guaranteeing that you’ll achieve the fitness and weight loss goals you are seeking with me, and if you don’t, I’ll give you your money straight back! Because If we don’t reach your goals together I haven’t lived up to my part of the bargain and I don’t deserve your money.

Why I can make Such a Bold Guarantee

First off lets look at what I don’t do (and you tell me if and of this sounds familiar) I DO NOT just stand around holding a clipboard, instructing you to do generic exercise after generic exercise, with no explanation as to why we’re doing them, I DO NOT hang around posing in front of the mirror for half of your session and I DO NOT want to chat and waste the other half of your Time and Money, I DO NOT arrive late, moody or unmotivated, I DO NOT cancel sessions and ask for constant re-scheduling of your workouts.

I DO ONE THING, and really its the only thing I should do…

I GET YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! by tailoring your training and nutrition to meet your own ability, goals and schedule. You’ll never have to worry about guesswork again,  training with me you’ll know everything you’re doing is designed to get you to the goals we’ve set together.

New clients lose an average of 6lbs in their first month training with me, and this is achieved with ABSOLUTELY NO DIETING!

I never advise clients to attempt a diet of any kind, diets are by definition a temporary solution to a permanent problem, I may very well ask you not to indulge in certain foods, but I’ll always be instructing you to eat healthily, never to not eat.

We all know that healthy eating and exercise is good for us, but let’s take a look at exactly how training with me will benefit you!

Working with Project Fitness you will…

Look and feel more attractive – Remember how it felt to be in the shape of your life? Together we’ll get that feeling back again and exceed it 

Look great in your clothes – Let’s be honest there’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you look good in what you are wearing, and knowing others have noticed too!

Be fitter and more able to enjoy life’s little adventuresInspire others with the leaner, fitter and sexier youBe confident next time you set foot on the beach in your swimwear

Whatever motivation you have for getting your body into great shape, whether to spice things up in your relationship, have more energy in your daily life or get in shape for that looming beach holiday your new exercise program is guaranteed to change your life for the better.

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