Hiring a Personal Trainer: What To Expect

Your Consultation And Trial Session: What to Expect

Many people are interested in hiring a personal trainer but dont actually know what to expect from their services.

Your consultation will be an informal chat during which I’ll ask you to outline everything you would like me to help you achieve, your training history (don’t worry if you have none) any contraindications to exercise and Your proposed training frequency.

During the taster session I’ll guide you through a light session that will reflect what you should expect from a typical workout, the session will loosely reflect your goals. For a tailor made session to be planned, I will need to have the results of your physical assessment.

Physical assessment – Once your personal training package has been agreed, your first session will be an assessment session.

During this session I’ll assess your fitness levels to make sure that we’ll be working at exactly the right work rate during your sessions.

Flexibility Assessment – Flexibility is a key component of fitness and a lack of it could make exercises more difficult to perform or even starve certain muscle of nutrients. A serious lack of flexibility will be one of the first things we’ll address.

Posture Assessment – During your first session I’ll also conduct a postural analysis, to make sure we identify and begin to work towards rectifying any problems that may have been born of inactivity or perhaps your working conditions (for example many people that work at a desk often have overly tight chests and weak upper back muscles)

Food Journal -Following your trial session, I will invite you to fill out a food journal for a period of one week, from there we’ll assess your eating habits and I’ll recommend some simple changes we can make to turn your body into a fat burning furnace. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact some very simple adjustments will make to your body composition.

From then on out we’ll be training regularly and you’ll be well on your way to getting the results and body you desire.

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