Exercise Methods

I pride myself on delivering enjoyable workout sessions. It’s often the case that people are put off by long, boring and repetiative workouts, using a wide range of exercise methods tedious workouts are a thing of the past.

Below I’ve outlined a brief description of some of the principles I use in my personal training sessions, of course every workout session will be different, but its great for you to see what kind of techniques you’ll be using.

Strength training is great for all over body tone

Strength & Resistance Training – This could be anything from using your own body-weight to lifting a weighted object such as a dumbell, barbell, kettlebell or using resistance training bands. Strength and resistance training is great for toning up and sculpting your muscles as well as raising your metabolism. Resistance training leads to a greater composition of lean mass meaning you burn more calories at rest.

Myth Exposed: Ladies, resistance training will not leave you bulky like a guy, you just don’t have the testosterone for that! What it will do is leave your arms, legs and shoulders toned and sculpted, brilliant for summer dresses.

Train your core for overall well being


Core & Abdominal Work – Strong core muscles are an integral part of fitness, developing a strong core will make all of your other movements and lifts far easier. Abdominal training will also help you get that much coveted flat stomach or 6 pack abs. Once you have a strong core everything else gets easier, you’ll probably be surprised at how neglected your core muscles are when we test them in your initial session – don’t worry though I know exactly how to strengthen them.

low intensity cardio is great for fat burning!


Low Intensity Cardio Training – you’ll never spend a great deal of time on boring cardio machines during your sessions, although I will be encouraging you to spend time doing low intensity cardio or ‘fat burning’ during the course of your time with Project Fitness, I cheekily consider this homework.

high intensity cardio gets your metabolism firing!


High Intensity Cardio Training – High Intensity cardio is fantastic for firing up your metabolism and clocking up the calorie burn, we’ll use techniques such as kick boxing, sprinting and tabata drills to make sure that along with your low intensity fat burning you can handle high output fitness demands, this style of training can elevate your metabolism for several days.

Plyo training is not for the feint of heart!


Plyometric Training – Plyometric training involves very intense and demanding training based around the principle of using you own power. Example exercises could  involve jumping onto and over objects, throwing equipment such as shot puts medicine balls and heavy impact training like hitting a tyre with a sledge hammer. This type of training is extremely demanding and is great for building power, ideal for those who would like to improve performance in their chosen sport or just want to train like an athlete.

how well are you ageing? balance training will let you know


Balance and Proprioception training  – Having a good level of balance and proprioception is a great indicator of how well you are ageing physically. These  exercise techniques will also help avoid potential problems with slips and falls later in life. Of course balance is also going to prove very important in many sports specific settings.

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