Personal Trainer Reviews

We’ve helped hundred of people achieve the results they were looking for, here is what a few of them have had to say about our services.

Scott Laidler:

i have worked with a number of personal trainers during my 8 years in Los Angeles and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than Scott – I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out with Scott and have had no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues – Owain Yeoman (Star of CBS’s The Mentalist)

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“I Lost 3 kilos in my first 4 weeks with Scott, I’ve never had a workout like it before, I hated my boring gym sessions stuck on a treadmill and nearly gave up, Scott’s sessions are varied and intense, absolutely love it!” – Katie Falconer

“I train three times a week, with Scott, I started with one session a week but I couldn’t get enough, for anyone debating whether to start personal training I can honestly say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made, my Boyfriend seems to agree too!” – Lyn Porter

“I was only really interested in going on a diet before I was referred to Scott by a friend, he assured me a diet wasn’t necessary and all we had to do was tweak a few items on my grocery list, I’ve now lost over 10lbs in two months and Scott calls me a ‘reborn fitness nut’ thanks Scott, I think?!” – Sarah Palmer

More personal trainer reviews:

Training with Scott has literally changed my life. When I came to Scott I was skinny and soft, but now I have a muscular physique and feel quite comfortable in my weekend job working as a bouncer. Scott knows his stuff, and the incidental advice he gave me on diet and lifestyle psychology has again changed my life. I feel Scott has taken a personal interest in helping me achieve my goals, and this is why I am taking my time to write a glowing review for project fitness.If you use this man’s services it will be money worth spent. – Richard Harris

My personal training with Scott has been of great benefit to me. My level of general fitness was the first thing I noticed that had improved and i’m now working towards toning up my body. The service is friendly, relaxing and very professional and I have also recommended this to a friend -Priya Brewer

The training provided by Project Fitness was first-rate and tailored to my needs. The trainer was patient and understanding, as well as ensuring that I reached my goals and beyond. The personal training is definitely value for money as I have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness and strength.Ravi Rughani

I went to London with business purposes and I didn’t want to stop training. I was recommended to this personal training service by my hotel in kensington and booked a block of sessions. I trained with Scott and the results were amazing. It didn’t take that long to gain lean muscle mass, it felt good. I already reserved some time with Scott next time I go to London. Carlos Davila

I train with scott on a regular basis and he has helped me achive my goals,he has helped me loose 2stone and cut up through various exersices and boxing training and i feel great for it!!! the boxing teqneuiques he teaches are easy to pick up,plus worth every penny!! Lee Clark

The guidance from Scott was just what I needed. I was tired with my old gym routine, the motivation and results I once had were slowly draining away. Scott introduced me to several amazing new ways of exercising which I immediately found challenging yet fun. This new approach also felt more “real”, as if this is the way the body should be exercising, rather than being locked on a treadmill or cross trainer. I feel great and can see the results in the mirror. Adam Batchelor

The personal trainer, Scott, is very supportive, patient, and approachable, yet professional and clearly an expert in his knowledge and skills. It is encouraging to meet with someone in this profession who is sincere and passionate, and not vain and shallow, personal fitness. Natalia Bush

I bought a package of personal training sessions and it’s the best thing I’ve done in ages! I could never get those results on my own. I’ve really surprised myself at how far I’ve come and how much stronger and fitter I am in just a few weeks. I’ve been terrible at sticking to my diet and I’ve still lost inches and even better I feel so much firmer, more alert and healthier. I was planning on only doing a couple of months training before a holiday but I’m definitely going to keep going when I get back. I am usually a total cynic with this stuff but honestly, if you want to get fit, get in shape or just get stronger and healthier I couldn’t recommend this more. – Chloe Hadjimatheou

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