Becoming a ‘Celebrity Personal Trainer’

Scott Laidler is a personal trainer and Fitness consultant with 5 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Having worked in both London and Los Angeles Scott has worked with a multitude of clients and has become noted for the startling ‘body transformations’ his clients have made under his guidance. Scott has worked in various settings including Hollywood where the media has dubbed him a ‘Celebrity personal trainer’

In 2011 Scott’s skills were requested at the Monte Carlo TV & Film festival alongside Hollywood star Owain Yeoman of CBS’s ‘The Mentalist’. Following the success of this trip Scott spent 3 months working in Hollywood delivering personal training services to numerous Movie and Music industry personalities.

Scott has returned to London to launch and run a personal training studio in London, Victoria.

Spring 2012 update: Scott now hosts a one hour radio show each Monday on London’s ONFM 101.4 which calls upon his expert knowledge to provide a great forum for people to get their fitness questions answered and provide valuable insight into important health issues affecting our city.

Winter 2012 update: Over the past 6 months Scott has been asked to extend his services into personal development coaching. Initial clients have seen fantastic results not only in their physical health, but also in their relationships, career and overall psychology. These coaching services will be available from early 2013 – please visit to sign up for updates.


Scott Laidler in Victoria Personal Training Studio


With an academic background in psychology Scott chose not to follow the typical route into a well paid position in clinical or organisational psychology, preferring to pursue a career in which he could combine his academic education with his personal love of exercise and physical training. With the motivation, goal setting and consistency needed to achieve great things with your body, Scott’s two major interests were clearly compatible.

In spirit Scott has been a personal trainer from the early age of 16. When he first walked into a gym and started seeing improvements in his fitness and body shape Scott quickly began to help others apply the principles he was learning. As a teenager Scott helped friends and family with their training and eating habits to see some great results and make some significant changes.

Upon successful completion of a diploma in personal training and sports massage, Scott was able to help dozens of clients in the many fitness industry settings he’s performed in and quickly began to realise his services were becoming so sought after that a freelance career was the only way to regulate the demand for training sessions.

Scott is not just a celebrity personal trainer he is passionate about working with individuals from all walks. Some of Scott’s previous clients include: the armed forces, professional fighters, the Metropolitan Police Force, the London Fire Brigade, the elderly and everyone in between. Scott values his ability to adapt his skills and training style to the needs and personality of his clients.

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